Connecting Art, Culture and Community through Education, Advocacy and Celebration.

Arts Missoula serves as a resource for the coordination, development,  and support of art and culture for the benefit of the Missoula  community, with the goals of:

  • Advocating for public and private support of the arts.
  • Encouraging collaborative efforts among local arts organizations.
  • Educating  community leaders and policymakers about the economic benefits of the  arts. 
  • Celebrating the value of diverse cultures and helping our  community understand its place in the world.

                Art. Culture. Community.

Hello and Welcome to The Missoula Mosaic

Missoula Mosaic is an app showcasing artists in Missoula, helps with networking with venues and other artists for event and project collaboration, as well as create a supportive, encouraging platform to exhibit your talents! Our main feature is the Artist Directory which you can become a part of by registering via the form below. The Artist Directory is the main way for artists to get their work seen and to make connections in the community for more opportunities. Thanks to Missoula Gives fundraiser, the first 125 artists are free to register for the directory. After the 125 is reached, registration is $25 and is a life-time membership. All submissions will be reviewed and your submission to the directory does not guarantee inclusion. This submission is only for artist directory only. Please submit events to for inclusion in our weekly newsletter. 

Register below to join the Artist Directory. 

Any questions? Call the Arts Missoula Office at (406) 541-0860.

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Thank you for submitting your open call to Missoula Mosaic: A Guide to Arts in Missoula! Once your submission has been reviewed, we will notify you when it has been uploaded to the app. Please note that your submission does not guarantee inclusion.  We seek to provide genuine opportunities for artists in our community.  

By downloading Missoula Mosaic, you will gain access to a vast directory of local artists across various mediums, exhibition opportunities, connections with local galleries for First Friday showcases, valuable resources, and much more.  we are glad you are here. 

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Arts Missoula sends out a weekly eNewsletter every Monday at 10 am highlighting local art & cultural events, opportunities, classes, and more. 

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Information needed Thursday by 5 PM to make it in Monday's eNews.

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Contact Office Manager, Nathan Poukish, with any questions at 

The Missoula community is blessed to have a large number of people who value and support the arts. Each quarter Arts Missoula recognizes a new Arts Missoula STAR for their important contribution to the Missoula arts landscape.  Some of our STARS are performing or visual artists.  Some are business people who generously give of their time and resources.  Some STARS are behind the scenes and would not be known by the general public but we all benefit from their energy and passion.  Some are educators who are making sure that the arts are a valued part of our children’s education. All have a place in our Galaxy of Valued Arts Missoula STARS.

If you have a person in mind for this award, we would love to hear from you.  If selected by our committee, the Arts Missoula STAR will have a video produced where they are the STAR!, recognition in our newsletter and on our website, a certificate presentation and a gift card from a local Missoula organization.  We love to thank our Arts STARS!

Would you like to perform for Arts Missoula's New Year's Eve event: Missoula on Main? Please fill out the application below.

Arts Missoula is excited to announce we will host an Arts Missoula First Friday Pop Up Gallery on the first friday of each month at The Wren Hotel (201 E. Main St.) from 5-7pm.  Additional showings of the artist work throughout the month will be by appointment only and scheduled between the artist and the Wren Concierge desk.

Artwork will hang in the Wren's meeting space and features white walls, natural light and garage doors opening to Main Street.  This gallery space is centrally located on Pattee and Main, with Black Coffee Roasting, Conflux and three busy hotels sharing the corridor.  

We are seeking new artists to showcase each month.  **Note**The December artist will have an opening December and not January, however artwork remains in place till the end of January.  Showcase your work in this centrally located spot in downtown Missoula, sure to catch the attention of all First Friday goers.

What you need:  artist statement, your preferred month(s) of gallery opening, artist bio and press-quality jpegs of your work.  Special attention given to new and emerging artists, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC artists.  This is a space to elevate the visual arts voices that is inclusive and diverse.  Shows are limited to 1 artist per month.  No group shows at this time.  

Artists will be selected by a committee of artists and community members to ensure our commitment to diversity, inclusivity and variety of work displayed.

Arts Missoula will arrange refreshments for each opening and will be alcohol free due to restrictions for the Hotel.  Arts Missoula will take a small commission on artwork sold to cover marketing, refreshments and staff time.  Arts Missoula will seek sponsorships for each month to help defray costs and take pressure off the gallery to make sales.  These openings are about providing a unique opportunity for artists to show their work in a focused environment.    

Accept or Decline notifications will be sent within one month from submission date. If your proposal is accepted we will arrange a meeting and review a  month that works for you. Please select all months that you are available.

This space is only available for 2D artists. 3D art such as sculpture will not be allowed.

Application deadline is August 31st for September 2023 to July 2024 openings. 

Established in 1999, to honor those who have made significant contributions to the Arts and Cultures community in Missoula. 

For more information, visit

Thank you for your nomination.  Use the form below to either type within the box or attach a document at the bottom of the page and click the submit button. You must chose one of the following categories for your nomination.

  • Individual Artist Presented to someone who has shown exceptional achievement in music, visual art, dance, literature, film, theater or performance art. 
  • Arts Educator Honors an outstanding educator for any age level who has devoted a career to teaching one or more of the arts and makes a significant impact on this community. 
  • Business Support for the Arts Awards Honors a local business that has made significant contributions to Missoula’s arts and cultural organizations. 
  • Cultural Vision Awarded to a person or organization that has developed a special project or program demonstrating unique artistic vision. 
  • New to the Zoo Honoring an artist of professional who advanced the arts and cultural community where they lived prior to Missoula and now shares their stewardship and creativity as a resident of Missoula. 
  • John Engen Cultural Ambassador Award Given to an individual or couple who have supported Missoula’s arts community or helped to advance cultural diplomacy through volunteer, administrative, philanthropic, professional or legislative efforts.

Missoula on Main is producing our second Dance Showcase inside this Missoula New Year's Eve favorite, formerly called First Night.  This year celebrating 30 years!

We endeavor to elevate dance on this day with this very unique performance.  Last year, we showcased 7 dance companies, studios and groups to a sold out crowd at MCT Center for the Performing Arts.  

While this venue is not secured yet, we hope we can perform there once more.

While we work out the details, we'd hope that you will commit to performing and help us showcase the very vibrant and exciting dance scene here in Missoula.  

Please be advised that due to the size and scope of the festival we can only provide a short amount of rehearsal time in the venue. We understand that this is a particular challenge when coordinating your dancers.

You will be asked to fill out a tech sheet for your work so that we may make the best use of the time you get to set your pieces to the stage.  This will likely occur on Saturday, December 30th.

Arts Missoula